Come, Lord Jesus

Into the lost lives,

Into the lonely lives,

To the left out and left behind

who think Christmas is not for them.


Come, Lord Jesus

To those desperately trying to make Christmas happen





Hoping somehow You will show up.

To those so exhausted and sick from preparing

they might miss You entirely.

To those so caught up in the celebration

they mistake the wrapping for the Gift.


Come, Lord Jesus

To those who so hate You,

Fear You,

Hide from You

they would ban Christmas altogether.

If we have done anything to cause that hatred, that fear

If we have disguised Your love,

Forgive us.


Our world’s a mess, Lord;

Always has been.

Our celebrations are so empty, Lord;

Always have been.

That didn’t stop Your coming back then

Don’t let it now, I ask.


Come, Lord Jesus:

Renew our Joy.

Re-kindle that Hope which no darkness, no emptiness can extinguish–

The Hope that everything lost will be restored

That everything broken will be Made New

And we will celebrate Christmas in the Eden You created

At our best

With everything and everyone we love


Even so, Come, Lord Jesus. (Revelations 22:20)